iMage M6 Wireless Speakerphone System

Design for Medium and Large Sized Conference Room.

iMage M6 Wireless Speakerphone System can be expanded to a maximum 6 iMage A6 Wireless Speakerphone (optional). Suitable for conference rooms with 15~30 people.

Easy and Fast Set Up

Plug and play. You don’t need to modify the decoration and rewiring, and the assistance of professional IT.


Product Description

Are you tired of dealing with ineffective communication during your business meetings? Do you want to improve the quality of your conference calls, distance learning, and online seminars? Want to make them more productive?

With connected up to 6 iMage A6 Speakerphones (optional), the iMage M6 Wireless Speakerphone System is the perfect choice for conference environments requiring a higher capacity and those who are looking for a mic for the conference room. We believe the iMage M6 is a wireless speakerphone system suitable for anyone needing a Mic(microphone) for meeting spaces or a conference room speakerphone.

  1. Advanced Audio: It supports advanced audio features such as echo cancellation, auto gain functions, full-duplex, and noise reduction. This ensures the audio quality is clear and free from any unwanted noise or echoes.
  2. Full-Space Technology: iMageTech Full-Space feature ensures that the sound heard from any seat in the conference room is equally clear, experiencing an incomparable 3D sound field. Creates a more immersive and engaging conference experience.
  3. Expandable Configuration: You can adjust the configuration of each iMage A6 speakerphone to fit your specific needs. It is flexible and versatile for different types of conference rooms, meeting spaces, and conference phone needs.
  4. Wireless Connectivity: The iMage M6 is a wireless conference host that works with the iMage A6 and A7 Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone conference slave devices. A6 can play the conversation content of distant participants. The A7 clip-on microphone is suitable for speakers who need to move while speaking. It is ideal for corporate education and training. M6 also has built-in 3.5mm and USB interfaces that can connect to video conference codec.

*Please note that the iMage M6 is a wireless conference host that is only compatible with slave devices iMage A6 and A7 Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone. You can connect with an iMage A6 (A7) up to 20 meters apart, provided there are no walls or other larger obstacles blocking the connection.*

Applications: Training, classroom, lectures, and commercial meetings.

Meeting Room Style: Long table, classroom, U-shape, hollow square style. Medium to large-sized meeting spaces.

Mode Description

USB mode
link mode
  • USB Mode: Adjust iMage M6 mode to USB mode, and then plug it into the computer or laptop.
  • Wireless Mode: Connect to mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets via wireless mode. After pairing, you can start a conference call.
  • Link Mode: iMage M6 can be connected to video equipment and expand iMage A6 (optional) to a maximum of 6, for medium and large size conference rooms.

Wireless Speakerphone System


File name Format / Version Add date Download
M6 Datasheet V1.0.0 2023-09-15 Download
M6 USER Guide V1.0.0 2021-09-01  

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